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Writing, Editing and Manuscript Preparation

Many busy scientists have a pile of manuscripts-in-progress and paper ideas sitting on their desk. In today's publish or perish culture, I can help turn your desk clutter into career-building peer reviewed publications, editorials or press releases and popular media pieces.


As an experienced writer, I can pick up your work at any stage and run with it, getting you published quickly. Whether you need coaching around describing the project and structuring your paper or support in responding to reviewers and resubmitting, I can help.  I can also help you identify target journals, format your paper, conduct a thorough literature review, draft background and discussion sections, provide copyediting or anything else you need to get your work in print.

While working at a large safety net hospital, I worked with dozens of clinicians, medical students and residents, and junior, senior and clinical faculty to facilitate publication of their work. I'm a versatile writer with a high level of natural curiosity, and I enjoy learning and writing about science outside of my areas of expertise.  I have effectively supported the publication of papers related to everything from economic modeling to innovative methods of medical education. I can craft publishable and accessible manuscripts, abstracts, posters and other scientific dissemination products that effectively share your research with the scientific world - and beyond.


I specialize in helping scientists get their messages to lay audiences, and I bring these same skills to manuscript preparation, communicating your work in accessible language while meeting high technical standards. With my background in disability justice, I can create plain language summaries, policy briefs, educational modules and other products that broaden your research's reach.

As an editor, I am meticulous and focused on supporting your growth. I provide thorough copy editing, thoughtful content editing and tailored developmental editing. I maintain ongoing relationships with many of my editing and manuscript preparation clients, meaning that I get to know you and your work well, allowing me to further tailor my edits.


I have always loved writing and editing, and am currently growing my writing career.  I am available for general editing, science writing, reporting and communications work. 

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