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Rebel Girl Research Communications secures funding for scientists and change-makers, and maximizes their impact through dedicated communications support. From initial grant writing to stakeholder engagement, knowledge translation and dissemination, RGR Communications connects activists, researchers, funders, and communities, leveraging the power of science and communication to drive social change. We believe in science and solidarity and kicking ass til the fight is won. 


RGR Communications is founded on the following key values and beliefs:

Research can be a powerful tool for social justice. I help you leverage research as completely and effectively as possible, to maximize its power for social good.

Research is overcoming its less-than-equitable beginnings, and emerging in a new, better form. This new research paradigm is focused on community-led solutions and inclusion of multiple vantage points.  While I believe that this change is overwhelmingly positive, change is never easy, and I work to support researchers in changing times.

Research is most effective when its collaborative. RGR Communications builds and strengthens working relationships between researchers and other stakeholders, to help you navigate the challenges and reap the benefits of collaborative research. These benefits include increased funding, enhanced data quality and heightened ability to spur action.

Researchers and communities are natural allies in knowledge production and social change. Each group brings important strengths to the table and has much to teach the other.

People and communities are wise, strategic and strong, and the people with lived experience are the best people to speak to the issue. Though assistance with community engagement, I help researchers listen to and learn from stakeholders, brokering powerful alliances.

Enough is known for action. Research can lead the charge.



RGR Communications supports a collaborative research establishment, where science is community property that serves community goals.  Community-reclaimed science means redefining who the scientists and experts are, and communicating effectively across spheres. In this new paradigm, there are significantly more researchers, and research is a collaborative effort.   Researchers must learn to speak multiple languages, and act as bridge builders.  Stakeholders are engaged across the research process, with significant decisional authority.  Research findings are shared beyond dusty academic journals, in ways that capture diverse audiences and drive change. There is no more ivory tower, and researchers are responsive and responsible to the communities they serve. Science is inherently political.

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