“I am pleased to recommend Nechama Sammet Moring as a grant writer and knowledge translation specialist. Nechama is an outstanding writer with an innate curiosity that allows her to jump into projects of all kinds with ease and produce high quality products. While working as a research associate at the institute I directed, Nechama was instrumental to securing two large (million dollar +) federal grants. Though she is a skilled grant writer and we certainly leaned on her precise, accessible descriptions, I believe that Nechama’s conceptual contributions were essential to our ability to secure this funding.

For one application, Nechama developed a sophisticated but highly implementable knowledge translation plan that received a perfect score, a true accomplishment given the diversity and access needs of the target audiences for this grant. In the other, Nechama suggested an equity-focused conceptual framework  that was highly praised by reviewers, and built a diverse stakeholder advisory board, with a very quick turn-around.  While employed at my institute, Nechama also consistently funded an average of half her position through smaller grants that she designed and wrote, an achievement that far exceeded the expectations of her position.

Nechama is also admirably dedicated to stakeholder engagement, knowledge translation and bridging the gap between research and practice through the inclusion of non-researcher colleagues at every stage of the research process.  She is highly innovative, creative and strategic, and able to reach a wide diversity of stakeholders, including those who traditionally have not had a seat at the table.”   - Former Supervisor