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Communications Services

We are proud to offer a wide range of communications services, from developing broad communications strategies to copy-editing your existing content, and everything in between. I'm a versatile writer with expertise in identifying and connecting with your audience, in the tone and format that best catalyze action around your message. I am especially adept at communicating complex content in lay language, engaging stakeholders, conveying urgency and developing creative, comprehensive strategies for generating interest and cultivating relationships. Because of my experience in disability justice activism, I have learned to communicate effectively in multiple formats to increase accessibility. I am also well-versed in a variety of platforms, from old fashioned pen and paper to the latest social media, as well as video production and editing. If you do not see a service you need listed, please contact me - if I can't provide it, I can refer you to someone who does.

          Creative Knowledge Translation Product Development - This is a fancy way of saying that I work hard to get your key messages across, using a variety of formats strategically tailored to your audience. Whether you need a blog post, a social media blitz, a slide deck for a scholarly presentation or a goddamn music video, I got you covered. I particularly like communicating your messages across several platforms, in order to reach discrete identified audiences or market segments. I like the challenge of saying the same thing in different languages, to diverse audiences who now have something in common - you. (I'm an Aquarius sun and moon; we like to bring separate groups together in service of a goal, even if it's weird. Especially if its weird. Fight me.)

          Communications Strategy Development - Working in partnership with your team, RGR Communications will develop a comprehensive, coordinated and feasible communications strategy, taking into account your unique needs, budget and audiences. As an experienced activist, I've learned to be practical and goal oriented, and I draw on these skills to build clear and implementable strategy that gets you where you want to be.

           Organizational Story Telling and Branding - Using my flair for narrative and relationship building, I can  

effectively communicate your goals, core values, mission, vision, agenda and overall story to various audiences. This content may be commissioned as a comprehensive package, or may be developed separately (for example first writing a core values statement or articulating discrete goals and objectives), as you prefer. In crafting your organizational story and brand, I consider your strengths and the needs of your audience, building a clear presence.

           Copywriting and Website Content Development - As an engaging, versatile writer, I can develop unique branded content. Whether you need occasional blog posts or a complete web content overhaul, I can help you connect to your existing audience and drive new traffic to your site. Using SEO principles, I ensure that your website comes up in search engines - and that people want to read your content. In addition to traditional content like blog entries and "about us" pages, I can deliver creative, engaging content like quizzes, fact or story of the day, videos and other media, podcasts, games, maps and immersive experiences.

            Plain Language and Accessibility - With my background in disability justice, I can create plain language summaries, policy briefs, educational modules and other products that broaden your message's reach.​ I specialize in helping scientists communicate highly technical information to lay audiences, and I bring these same skills to communicating your work in accessible language. Using techniques like visual organizers, cueing and straightforward wording, I ensure access without sacrificing complexity or nuance.

            Editing - Content, Copy and Developmental Edits As an editor, I am meticulous and focused on supporting your growth. I provide thorough copy editing, thoughtful content editing and tailored developmental editing. I maintain ongoing relationships with many of my editing and manuscript preparation clients, meaning that I get to know you and your work well, allowing me to further tailor my edits to your needs and goals. 


          Transcription - I've worked on or lead dozens of qualitative research projects, with hundreds of interviews under my belt. And cuz I'm still waiting for the day that we fully fund community-led, justice and reparations focused participatory action research, well, that means I've also transcribed hundreds of interviews. As a transcriptionist, I'm fast, accurate and empathetic, with an innate understanding of the conversational dynamics of interviews, focus groups and other audio. I'm also able to de-identify as I transcribe, and I'm well-versed in confidentiality and ethics. 

Specialties Include

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