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Knowledge Translation and Disseminating Science

Flying across the research to practice gap

RGR Communications was founded on the belief that while scientific knowledge is important, it does not achieve its true value until it is shared and put into practice. Because I believe in the value of research, I am focused on crossing the research to practice gap, and getting your findings into all kinds of hands.


As a creative communications professional, I deliver unique, audience-specific knowledge translation strategies to maximize the impact of your research. First, I work with you to identify where your research needs to go, and who need to hear about it.  I am skilled at identifying and connecting with potential audiences and uncovering their individual needs and priorities, as well as the most effective means of communicating your message to them. 


I will then design a custom dissemination plan based on your needs, budget and funder requirements.  Dissemination plans generally include traditional scientific venues like peer reviewed journal articles and conference presentations as well as innovative, stakeholder engaged strategies to share your work with multiple worlds beyond academia.  My goal is to broaden the reach of your research as much as possible, allowing your work to achieve maximum impact.

I can develop a variety of creative dissemination products to reach and engage key stakeholder groups, in the languages and contexts that matter to them the most.  I'm experienced with both traditional and newer dissemination formats, from print handouts and old fashioned town hall meetings to social media, podcasts and video content.

Past knowledge translation strategies have included websites, DVDs and video-based materials and story-telling, patient education videos, tips sheets for direct care staff and entry level clinicians, clinical pearls, practice bulletins, policy briefs, hand outs for legislators and policy makers, press releases, legislative testimony, online and in person continuing education classes for various kinds of professionals, social media campaigns and much more.  The sky's the limit, and we will work together to find the knowledge translation strategies to not just cross the research to practice gap, but fly across it, and allow your findings to make a real time difference in the world.


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