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Nechama Sammet Moring, Writer

I'm a versatile writer, though most of my work has some connection to justice, survivorship, science, and/or the good fight. I don't believe in neutrality, and I don't tell neutral stories. Cuz they don't exist.

As a freelancer, I focus on science writing, health journalism, investigation, liberation and creative non-fiction. I'm also fond of news of the weird. Here are some of my interests, and a few of the projects currently in the works: 


Someone else's much nicer, less cluttered with projects work space. Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

Interests, Projects-in-Progress & Dreams

Articles and Investigations I'm Trying to Sell (Hire Me?!)

All in progress, at various stages of completeness, wouldn't you love to print my work?

Head injuries, gender and domestic violence

Cis men calling yourself pro-choice allies, just shut up and get me a misoprostal prescription

From ulcer prevention to uterine rupture, with lots of abortion thrown in: A history of misoprostal, the most off-label drug in the world

Practical strategies for subverting ICE at every turn, and an investigation of DCF's handling of cases where ICE pops parents

That time my dog got me out of an abusive marriage

Self-administered pap tests, and why we aren't on board

The bar in Boston that quietly refuses to serve the Proud Boys and other hate groups as a strategy for fighting fascism

Reclaiming de-medicalized abortion, re-visiting Jane

The Puritans were fleeing religious oppression, and other settler-colonial myths and falsehoods

Investigating DCF: Their view of sexual violence survivorship as a risk factor for abusing our own children, and what that means for our kids

Social work, public health, nursing and teaching: Navigating professions designed for nice white women complicit in white supremacy, anti-racist praxis and model change

Dog autisms: The anti-vaxxers who want you to avoid vaccinating your dog, and the badass autistic actiists laughing and cringing at them

Books and Other Biggies I'm Working On

I believe we are all born with books inside us -- these are mine. Some of mine.

Herbs We Find, Alternatives to Suicide, Midwifery and Other Survival Programs: Community-Led Systems of Health and Well-Being; how communities care for each other when accessing the mainstream medical model is impossible or dangerous


Friendship as an Evolutionary Strategy and the Emotional Intelligence of Dogs

A Radical Guide to Fertility, Abortion, Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum: Sort of like what to expect when you're expecting, only minus the misogynistic bullshit, medicalizing, cishetnormativity and perkiness; I want a gender neutral informational guide that believes pregnant people are autonomous, smart and revolutionary


Research for the Revolution: A Research Methods Textbook

Several memoirs, including a braided memoir about my son, stillbirth, loss and revolution

Stuff I Talk About at Parties, Until People Finally Leave Me Alone So I Can Pet Their Dogs in Peace

I should prolly write about them at some point. I'd love to...

White tears, especially in education

Eugenics ideology is basically the cornerstone of our health care system

Feminist dog training

Cuttlefish and the code book that translates their words into human language

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