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I offer a variety of editing services, from one-time proofreading of your final product to long-term coaching and developmental editing. I provide thorough copy editing, thoughtful content editing and tailored developmental editing. As an experienced writer and editor, I can assist you at any stage of your project. My way too many years as a university teaching assistant really pays off here - I'm thorough, precise and supportive, and I can provide significant insight into everything from minor grammatical points to the overall organization and structure of your work. And I can format references in my sleep.

My editing reflects my background as an educator, as well as my collaborative, perhaps slightly too communal, goddamnit Harry, did you use my toothbrush again? The one with my name carved into it? Can you make sure you wash it before you put it back this time? approach to life. Communal toothbrush-induced gum disease aside, I firmly believe that when you shine, we all shine. Editing, to me, is all about helping you sparkle, and allowing your work to be its very best. To do this, we work together, with as much back and forth as you want, drawing on my passion for educating as much as my English language skills. In my view, editing is a learning process for both of us, as I get to learn about new subjects and fascinating work while helping you hone your writing. 


As an editor, I am meticulous and focused on supporting your growth. I maintain ongoing relationships with many of my editing and manuscript preparation clients, meaning that I get to know you and your work well, allowing me to further tailor my edits to your needs and goals. I especially enjoy editing for graduate students, other writers, and native speakers of languages other than English (and mad respect for English language learners, English is a clusterfuck). 

"If you need an editor who is not only a great editor, but also has rad politics, the coolest dog, and is great with supporting neurodivergent writers/thinkers, I highly recommend Nechama and Rebel Girl Research Communications."

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