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RGR Communications charges a base fee of 95$ per hour for most services. For larger projects, such as developing a grant proposal or designing a custom knowledge translation strategy or specific dissemination products, I can offer a flat fee structure, negotiated to fit the scope of the project, your budget and my level of involvement.  After a free initial consultation, I will provide a proposal outlining the project and all associated and potential costs for your approval.  Please contact me with any questions-I would love to learn more about your needs and how I can support you.
Community Organizations Discount. Though RGR Communications was founded to serve researchers and scientists, we also provide grant writing and communications support to non-profit and community organizations.  I offer a 20% discount to social justice oriented organizations, particularly those working for racial, disability and reproductive justice.  Please contact me for details.
Solidarity Discount. Researchers whose work addresses inequity, injustice and dismantling patriarchy, white supremacy and oppression are eligible for discounted communications and grant writing support.
Mentoring Discount. I am privileged to have learned from incredible mentors, and now that I serve as a teacher and mentor, I understand the commitment and dedication it takes to teach the next generation of scientists and change agents.  I am proud to offer a discount to researchers who actively mentor others.
Dissertation Discount. Academia is rough, especially when you are at the bottom end of the university hierarchy.  I get it.  And I offer generous discounts to students, as well as unsolicited advice about unionizing, standing up to Professor Casual Racism, and making sure no one is ever alone with Dr. Low-Key Sexual Assault.  I particularly love helping you write grants to fund your dissertation or your side project you're never gonna get past your committee, but you're doing anyway because it needs to be done.
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