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Research Lectures By Nechama*
A Preview of My In-Progress Book Project, Research for the Revolution
*This is absolutely what I do in my spare time...

I throw down with how research methods are so often taught - for one thing, we make it really boring. And, worse, we make it seem neutral, and fixed, and the province of old, self-important white men. It's actually none of those things, which is why I've been slowly writing a better textbook. And in the meantime, I thought your life might be missing nerdy, foul-mouthed lectures about research methods. You're welcome.

Module 1. Understanding & Using Research


How to read a scientific journal article: its not like Harry Potter


Applying research findings to your population: Evaluating generalizability

Module 2. Research ethics


Basic principles of research ethics


Coming soon! Creating ethical research; Case studies; Community-based research ethics

Module 3. Basics of research design


Sampling Part 1


Sampling Part 2


Types of variables part 1


Types of variable part 2


Coming soon! Study designs: the continuums

Module 4. Bias


Types of bias


Coming soon! Minimizing bias and considering ethics; Find the bias exercise

Module 5. Qualitative Research


Qualitative analysis basics

Qualitative analysis 2

Module 6. Statistical analysis

Statsapalooza: A festival themed overview of statistics

Descriptive statistics

Statistical significance: P-values, confidence intervals and error bars


Comparisons: chi square, t-tests, ANOVA and odds ratios

Regression analysis

Module 7. Community engaged research

Coming soon! Community-based research dissemination; Autism invented vaccines: Neurodiversity in research


Using Excel to manage and analyze data

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