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Services For Scientists & Researchers


RGR Communications offers a wide variety of flexible, tailored services to get you funded and then maximize the reach and impact of your research.  As an experienced researcher and communications professional with a stellar track record, I can support you at any stage of the research process.  If you are looking for a service you do not see listed below, please contact me.  If I can't help you, I will refer  you to someone who can.

Research is increasingly becoming a collaborative community endeavor, and many funders now require engaging stakeholders. As a community activist turned researcher, I serve as a bridge between researchers and communities. I am adept at identifying and connecting diverse stakeholders and building inclusive teams. I can assist with study recruitment, build and maintain stakeholder advisory boards and create research proposals that are responsive to stakeholder priorities.  My training in medical anthropology and my extensive cross-cultural work are assets here, but I also rely on my belief that researchers and stakeholders generally want the same things, and are natural allies to each other.  RGR Communications helps build that alliance.
Mixed methods and other hybridized research is highly desired by many funders and communities. As an experienced evaluator and researcher, I can jump in at any stage of a research project. Drawing on my expertise in qualitative, participatory and evaluation research, I can help design research plans and data collection instruments, deliver an effective recruitment strategy, conduct interviews, facilitate focus groups and participatory qualitative data collection strategies such as Photo Voice or Nominal Group Technique, analyze data, write up findings, and report back to participants and their communities. I am especially experienced in research about sensitive subjects, and with historically oppressed populations.
In our connected world, knowledge is important, but it is not enough until it is shared and put into practice. As a creative communications professional, I deliver unique, audience-specific knowledge translation strategies to maximize the impact of your research. I design custom dissemination plans based on your needs, budget and funder requirements. I can develop a variety of dissemination products to reach and engage key stakeholder groups, in the languages and contexts that matter to them the most, bringing your audience on board while sharing your findings.  I'm experienced with both traditional and newer dissemination formats, from print handouts and old fashioned town hall meetings to social media, podcasts and video content. 
You know the pile of ideas and partially written manuscripts sitting on our desks? As an experienced writer and editor, my goal is to reduce desk clutter by getting those manuscripts completed and published. I can help at any stage, including coaching around how to describe the project and structure a paper, conducting literature reviews and drafting background sections, describing your findings, content editing and copyediting of drafts, responding to reviewers and even identifying target journals. I’m a versatile writer and I enjoy learning about new content areas and crafting publishable manuscripts that share your research with the world. I am also available for general content, copy and developmental editing, science writing, reporting and communications work.

From identifying potential funding opportunities to proposal development or meticulously editing final grant applications, RGR Communications is dedicated to helping you get the funding you need. I have a stellar track record of securing grants from state, national, internal and foundation sources. I'm highly experienced in all stages of the grants process, including budgets, administrative components and compelling narratives that tell the story of your scientific contributions. While I specialize in social sciences and public health grant writing, I've written grants in fields ranging from astrophysics to zoology, and I'm a curious, versatile writer who appreciates learning new science.
I often do research with historically and currently oppressed groups, including many people who met the regulatory definition of vulnerable populations, and communities victimized by research. I'm uniquely positioned to support you in designing and conducting ethical research, building trusting, mutually beneficial community relationships, and obtaining Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval.I can write IRB applications and consult about research ethics and practices that satisfy IRB requirements and respond to community needs and priorities. I'm particularly experienced in working with IRBs around newer methods, such as Photo Voice, that raise additional human subjects protection concerns.

"The way to right wrongs is to shine the light of truth on them" - Ida B. Wells, the original researcher, and the actual inventor of epidemiology. (Fight me on this)
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