Research is increasingly becoming a collaborative community endeavor, and many funders now require robust evidence of stakeholder engagement.  As a community activist turned researcher, I can speak multiple "languages" and act as a bridge between researchers and the communities they serve. I am particularly passionate about creating non-traditional alliances and promoting meaningful engagement in research by people and groups who have not traditionally been included in the research establishment.
I am adept at identifying important stakeholder groups and individual group members to invite to participate. Using inclusive facilitation skills built over more than a decade of organizing, I excel at building collaboration and integrated teams.  From inviting stakeholders to the table to facilitating meetings, I am attentive, flexible and focused on achieving common goals, and I get results. 
In previous projects, I have built and maintained diverse stakeholder advisory boards, and ensured participation by people with seemingly competing goals and divergent experiences.  I am skilled at finding common ground and creating workable solutions that are responsive to multiple priorities.  I also have experience in creating research proposals and protocols that meet diverse needs and include multiple stakeholders. I will work with you to develop a comprehensive and feasible stakeholder engagement plan.
For many studies, stakeholder engagement is crucial to ensuring adequate participant recruitment and enrollment numbers.  Having successfully recruited many participants from "hard to reach" populations (new parents with cognitive disabilities, members of historically oppressed communities etc), I am able to effectively publicize your project and connect you to potential participants who meet your inclusion criteria.  I develop customized stakeholder-engaged recruitment strategies, and work hard to facilitate sufficient enrollment.  I will also use my communications expertise to market your study and generate community interest in participating, thus achieving recruitment goals.  Please contact me to discuss innovative recruitment strategies that I have used successfully, and which ones might be a good fit for your project.
Participatory research has always been my favoritest favorite, and I have valuable experience preventing and managing the challenges that sometimes surface in community-academic partnerships.  I can provide proactive support to researchers in integrating their research teams and learning from and with their partners. I can help train and mentor non-academic members of research teams and facilitate their contributions to the project.
Much of my own research has included significant participation by people with disabilities, and so I have become highly skilled at facilitating the inclusion of people with access needs. I can easily work within multiple formats, and I am attentive to issues of inclusion and accessibility.  I can provide alternative formats as needed, and I work hard to ensure meaningful participation and inclusion of all stakeholders.  Whether I am leading participatory action research with community researchers who have intellectual disabilities or convincing busy physicians to get involved, I am focused on creating inviting and equitable opportunities for participation.
My training in medical anthropology and my extensive cross-cultural work are assets here, but I also rely on my belief that researchers and stakeholders generally want the same things, and are natural allies to each other.  RGR Communications helps build that alliance.

Stakeholder Engagement For Scientists and Researchers