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Research and Evaluation

Mixed methods and other hybridized research is highly desired by many funders, and community-engaged, qualitative research is becoming increasingly popular.  As an expert in qualitative, participatory and community-based research, I can assist with designing robust mixed methods research strategies, develop qualitative interview guides, conduct interviews and focus groups and analyze print and visual data.  I have managed the qualitative arms of several large NIH-funded mixed methods studies, and I'm skilled in research design, instrument development, recruitment, data collection, analysis and project management. I'm strategic, insightful and flexible, and ready to meet your mixed methods research needs of all sizes, from conducting a focus group or two to leading large scale data analyses.

I have particular expertise in newer participatory methods such as Photo Voice, Nominal Group Technique, Digital Storytelling and others, and I would love to collaborate, or help you incorporate these powerful methods into your next study.  I can serve as a content area or methods expert on your next grant, run this arm of your study or provide coaching to your research staff. I am especially experienced in research about sensitive subjects, and with historically oppressed populations.


I'm passionate and experienced in community-engaged research and community/academic partnerships. I'm skilled at helping researchers integrate community members into their teams, including teaching, providing education, coaching and support for both parties, and helping facilitate powerful, mutually beneficial collaborations. 

I am also an experienced evaluation researcher, having served as the outside evaluator for several state and federally funded programs, including the Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. I am skilled in facilitating community-led and participatory evaluations, as well as more traditional evaluation research.  I would love to help you design an evaluation plan or logic model, conduct an outside evaluation or help you share evaluation findings with stakeholders.

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